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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What Services do you offer?
We offer complete cleaning and renovation of PVCu, Wood & Aluminium conservatories. Retreatment of all timber. We can also change the colour of PVCu, Wood & Aluminium conservatories with a fully guaranteed system. Other options include cane funiture, decorative floorings (tiles carpets and vinyl), underfloor and wall mounted heating, Automated ventilation & Air Conditioning.

Please view the services page for more details.

  • How long will the work take?
Each job is different due to the size of the conservatory and the services that you choose, however you will be given a duration before any work is started.

  • How much does it cost
Each job is priced individually - because each conservatory and selection of services is different we cannot give fixed prices, but this does mean you won't be paying for anything you haven't asked for.

  • Will I have to empty the conservatory?
When we come to see you for a no obligation consulation we will discuss this with you. However it is normal that we do this for you.

  • Does the cleaning work with all types of conservatory?
Yes, it is fine for PVCu, Wood and Aluminium conservatories.

  • Are the cleaning materials environmentally friendly?
Where possible we use cleaning materials that are biodegradable and ozone friendly.

  • Will any cleaning materials be safe for children?
Unfortunately no cleaning agents can be considered completely safe around children but once the work is complete there will be no danger whatsoever.

  • What locations do you cover?
We currently cover West Sussex and Hampshire.

  • We guarantee NO junk email.
If you send us an email we promise that we will only use it to respond to your specific enquiry. We will not retain your address and will not pass it on to any third party.

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